Dynamic Distribution System (DDS )


Dynamic Distribution System (DDS) is a system with centralized management for distribution of media contents. The system offers smart platform architecture for ease of management, local media broadcasting service, and flexible expansion options.

The DDS platform consists of the following elements:
Content Management System (CMS) — T1Box

T1Box is a system on chip (SoC) base device that integrated account manage and content distribution functions; using the
redundant structure to divide into main and backup. When main cannot provide service, backup will enable and provide the same service to take the place of main temporarily until main restores its functionality.

Media Sever (Head-End) — T2Box

T2Box is also a system on chip device that integrated dual tuner, 2 channels H.264 encoder and content delivery functions.

Client Player

Provides multi-platform Player to meet the needs of a variety of devices where customers can use the computer, smart phone, tablet and/or STB to access the media content.

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